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White Paper: Smart Cities – Embracing the Urban Data Economy
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Data is set to revolutionize the future of cities and urban businesses; from mobility & transportation to energy and the built environment.

However, in order to realize the benefits of the urban data economy, public and private organisations need to work together to build platforms and value propositions based on collaboration and openness.

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By reading the whitepaper you’ll get practical strategies for immediate implementation, including:

  • Funding Innovation: With limited budgets, learn how to harness data and piloting to build a business case for investing in innovation
  • Procurement: Learn how to overcome challenges around RFPs, cost vs. value, internal buy-in and privacy concerns
  • Talent & Training: Perfect a hybrid approach of collaboration with industry leaders whilst educating and equipping all parts of your organisation to be data literate
  • Tech Roadmap: Get a step-by-step guide to building an urban data platform, i.e. IoT sensors, cloud gateways, data warehousing, analytics, machine learning and user applications

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Featuring insights from these leaders:

  • Brandi Braun, Deputy Chief Innovation Officer, City of Columbus
  • Martin Powell, Head of Urban Development, Siemens Global Centre of Competence for Cities
  • Neil Kleiman, Professor of Public Service, New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School and Center for Urban Science + Progress
  • Jerraud D. Coleman, Deputy Manager, Peak Academy
  • Michael Lake, CEO, Leading Cities
  • Herb Thompson, Senior Strategist, VMware
  • Franco Amalfi, Director of Innovation, Oracle Public Sector North America

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  • City of Columbus
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  • New York University
  • VMware
  • Oracle
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